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Conveyor Installation Services

Ensure an efficient, trouble-free start up of your HI FLEX conveyor systems with our professional on-site installation services. Our highly qualified engineers provide expertise on everything from large scale, custom installations for factory/warehouse environments to solutions for smaller industrial or commercial needs.

You need your conveyor equipment up and running quickly to keep your line moving. Our service team ensures proper conveyor installation and training on-time, every time.

Utilizing our services means :

Efficiency – Your systems are up and running quickly.

Expertise – Your installation gets done right the first time.

Maximization – Expert set up means optimal performance.

Safety – Project supervision means safety first.

On-site Conveyor System Installation

As an industry-leader, HI FLEX can provide on-site installation with our qualified personnel.

We offer complete turn-key installation services, including :




Debugging & maintenance training

Our comprehensive installation services cover production, assembly line, and the many types of material handling conveying equipment produced by HI FLEX. With our service team you’ll find that they are trained to handle both mechanical and electrical installation issues, should they arise.

HI FLEX’s maintenance training teaches your staff how to best care for your conveyors and avoid costly downtime. Regular preventative maintenance on your HI FLEX conveyor keeps your line running at peak performance while avoiding safety concerns and emergency service appointments. To learn more about your installation options, please contact us.
Your Leader in Conveying Systems

HI FLEX is leading the industry in industrial conveyor applications for years. We have a conveyor system for all your needs, including conveyors for :

Small-parts handling

Transfers where space is a premium

Medium-parts handling

Precision conveying with flexible layout

Large or heavy parts handling

Bulk handling

Sanitary conveying

HI FLEX Conveyors provides cutting edge technology in the industry to provide CE certified sanitary conveyor, in addition to our many conveyors that meet and exceed FDA regulations.

Do You Have a Unique Conveyor Need?

Our engineered solutions provide everything from modified standard systems to completely unique custom designs, including specialized :

SUS conveyor

Buffer conveyor

Inclined & Declined conveyor

Side grip conveyor

Accumulation conveyor

Bridge conveyor

Alpine conveyor

Spiral conveyor

Palletizer robot

Delta robot

Total distribution system

Custom-designed systems